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In-House Coaching

" Your employees are the most important resource in your company!"

The company is a living organism, full of human beings and processes attached to it. If you want to keep the company alive, you have to have healthy and happy employees. Using psychophysiognomy I can support you by the interview of new candidates as well as by challenging situations in your company. 

I offer you the support in the areas mentioned below.


  • Tailoring Recruitment to Match Company Culture
  • Identifying Potential, Limits and Talents of Your Employees
  • Determination of Competencies and Skills Relevant for the Correspondent Professional Profile
  • Employee Placement
  • Increasing Team Efficiency and Productivity
  • Increasing Your Employee Satisfaction
  • Leadership Skills Training
  • Resilience Building Tools and Exercises
  • Case Management
  • Accompanying Organizational Processes - Change Management
  • Conflict Resolution and Mediation
  • Company Workshops, Coachings and Events