Through my own experiences in my private and business life, I know that there can be a lot of challenging and unexpected situations in our lives. Sometimes even so difficult that you need to ask for help to work it out, sometimes just someone to talk or to be silent with. Each situation can be solved even if the first step on your own can be difficult. Now you get some support at your first steps!

  • skills assessment, career planning and professional restructuring
  • change of behavior patterns and ways of thinking
  • excessive workload, burn out/bore out through early detection, recognition and prophylaxe
  • development of new and existing competencies
  • increasing of social and communication skills
  • dealing with stage fright and daily challenging situations
  • cooperation with superiors, peers, partners and customers
  • role change within a company
  • induction to responsibility in leadership
  • strenghtening of self-awarness
  • time management
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