Implemented Methods


IKP Körperzentrierte Psychotherapie

Therapy method applied in different areas. This method uses the influence of life dimensions on human being. It uses the life dimensions  as ressources for solving the problem. It works with Saluto- und Pathogramm, body focused exercises, intrakorporelle dialog, shifting, PMR, Imagination, visualisation

Application areas:

Burn-out/Bore-out, Depression, Work-Life Balance, Panic attacks,  psychosomatic disorders and more..

Other methods

  • Tree Test/Koch Test
  • Graphology



Huter'sche Psychophysiognomik is a teaching method of body, head, face and eyes expression; facial expressions, gestures; handwriting, paintings, art, language, music and other human expressions.

Application areas:

Hiring , Outplacement, Conflict Management, Replacement, Project Management, Teamleading, Customer Relationship, Workshops


WYDA - Celtic Yoga

Wyda - Celtic Yoga

Wyda - harmonizes our energies with the surrounding environment. This yoga is excellent for the soul, the back, the breath and the good mood.

Provokative Intervention

After applying that method, the problem will be transformed to funny or different state. All the patterns will be perceived differently. This method is appropriate for developing of selfreflexion.

Das Milwaukee Modell

This method uses the spectrum of skills which work or those which are less impacted. Avoiding the focus on the problem, helps to find the appropriate solution, method or way of acting. The focus on solution works with the client's available resources. This method is appropried when you want to change the perspective of perceiving the situation.

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