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Seminars & Workshops

Break out of Your Comfort Zone - Open to Experience!

Locations: Schindellegi SZ, Zürich

Seminar and Workshop Topics:

  • Professional Presence - Gravitas, Communication, Appearance
  • Anxiety and Stress under Control
  • Power of Self-Esteem
  • Stop Labeling Yourself in Negative Way and Encourage Yourself to Be Open-Minded
  • Dealing With Loss as Business Owner
  • Survive and Thrive under Pressure
  • Resources Related to Building the Skills
  • Identify and Develop Talent - Psychophysiognomy


Mindfullness & Relaxation

Wyda - Seminars and Workshops (individually or in groups)

Locations: Zürich, Wilen b. Wollerau, outdoor in forest hills/nearby lake

Benefits of Wyda:

  • Increased Mindfulness
  • Increased Energy
  • Reduced Stress
  • Better Concentration
  • Anyone Can Practice Wyda
  • Increased Resilience
  • Creativity
  • Strengthen Intuition
  • Positive Effects on Autonomic Nervous System
  • Controlled Breathing Exercises